“I have been training at Suncoast Tang Soo Do with my son, Allan, and daughter, Brooke, for over 6 years. It has provided us with the opportunity to study Tang Soo Do in a supportive and encouraging environment, with instructors and fellow students that have come to feel like family. There are many aspects of Tang Soo Do that I feel have helped each of us to grow personally and, as a family. What I find most beneficial is that all the things we learn in the studio can be carried out into our everyday lives. It’s not uncommon to find us bringing up a code or tenet at the dinner table when we’re talking about things that may have happened at school or at work. It has been challenging, but well worth it. We are very glad that we found such a great school to become a part of. Tang Soo!”

Kenneth Thieme

As a family we started our journey with SCTSD about 6 years ago and since that time, we have all three of our sons very active in TSD. Our boys look forward to weekly classes and enjoy the family environment cultivated over the years. Our sons are 14, 12, and 9 years old and each of them are learning valuable life lessons to help them become better students and better people in the community. Our oldest Christopher is now a 1st degree Black Belt and he is very active in with the Leadership and Proctor Team. Blake our middle son is now a Blue Belt and he will be testing for Black Belt at the October test this year, which we are very excited about and our youngest Alex is not a Brown Belt. Alex enjoys kicking more than anything else, but at 9 years old, I guess you would expect that. SCTSD is welcoming to anyone of any age and any skill level. It is more of a family than anything else. Master Vic Lampasona and his wife Jenee have become close friends of ours and the entire instructor team are great to work with and they truly care about their students. If you are looking for a great place to learn self defense and life skills come by the studio or give them a call to learn more.
Tod and Tara Jeffers

I have been growing with Suncoast Tang Soo Do since joining the school at their first birthday party. I remember the excitement I felt in my very first class. My instructor paid close personal attention to everything I did; my first kick, my first block, my first strike. And, every time I threw a committed technique, my instructor would commend me for doing my best. That same attention has never ceased to this day. My instructors have always taken the time in the months and years to follow helping me one-on-one when I fell less confident or struggled with any part of my technique. Over the course of my training at Suncoast Tang Soo Do, I have achieved many goals, including getting my Cho Dan (1st degree) and E Dan (2nd degree) Black Belts. Being a Black Belt has helped me improve as a person and conquer any mental or physical limitations I imagined I had. Suncoast Tang Soo Do has become a second home to me. The students, instructors, and families are my family now. I am inspired by the people, who are serious, caring, and always willing to help each other in class. Karate practice at Suncoast Tang Soo Do is a great workout for the mind and body. It’s helped me improve my concentration and flexibility. It’s not just a place to visit or a sport you do for a season; karate becomes a part of you. It’s a culture….”A Way of Life!” Once you join it, the fulfillment continues to grow in you.
Antonio Ortiz E Dan

New Port Richey

My sister and I started training at Suncoast Tang Soo Do in 2012, and we’ve loved every moment of it! The instructors are amazing; the classes are engaging and a great workout for both the mind and body, and the environment is very friendly and welcoming. The teaching goes beyond the physical elements of kicking, punching, and striking; mental barriers are also broken while training. I’ve watched and experienced both myself and my sister grow into more self-confident individuals since we’ve begun, and these changes have helped us outside of the dojang in many ways. I’ve been able to succeed in both a working and college environment, while my sister’s grades have improved (she’s now almost getting straight A’s).

Suncoast Tang Soo Do have become like a home to us, and the members of the studio have become our extended family. We’ve made so many good friends, and we’ve had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. It’s been an amazing few years, and we’re so thrilled to be a part of Suncoast and the World Tang Soo Do Association!

Ashley Hutchinson

New Port Richey

My son and daughter joined Suncoast Tang Soo Do about a year ago, each for their own reasons; my son because he felt it would help him focus better and my daughter because her big brother was doing it. From the moment they started, they were hooked. They love everything about it, the challenge of learning new ways to use and strengthen their bodies, the friendly environment that makes them feel successful and part of something bigger than themselves, and the pride they take in representing the school well at competitions. But most of all, they love that they have made so many new friends who make them feel like part of a large caring family.

As a parent and a former teacher, I watch Mr. Lampasona, Mr. Orlando and all of their instructors work with students from 5 years of age all the way up to adults. They do an exceptional job respectfully reaching each and every one of their learners, meeting them where they are and bringing out the best of each student, which is not always an easy thing to accomplish. They make it look effortless, but every teacher knows that that “effortlessness” doesn’t just happen. It was carefully planned and practiced. And you know, instruction doesn’t come just from the instructors, but it happens between the students as well. I have seen the students help each other and whether they know it or not, are great role models for each other. And while I’m at it, I can’t say enough about the older kids being such great role models for all the younger kids at Suncoast Tang Soo Do.

When we went to our first competition, I am proud to say that our school took home a lot of medals but even more impressive was the feeling that even at a large competition, that family feeling and feeling of mutual respect among all Tang Soo Do members from all schools was very evident. I am glad that we managed to become affiliated with such an organization where it’s not all about winning or competitiveness, it’s about having great character. Being able to win and lose gracefully and with humility, great traits that seem to get lost in this day and age, but are sorely needed.

I know my children are in great capable hands and I am thrilled with the progress my children have made in just a short amount of time both physically as well as character wise. I look forward to watching my children continue to grow in their martial art under the school’s guidance. As for my children’s goals, my son has informed me he is on his own path and he will follow it no matter how long it may take to get to black belt and beyond. My daughter announced that she was going to become a grand master! And you know, they just might with the help of the whole family at Suncoast Tang Soo Do. Thank you!

Christine Kalemba

New Port Richey

I began training at Suncoast Tang Soo Do in 2011 (at age 56), primarily to improve my health. In my first three months of training I not only lost weight (30 lbs.), but also got my blood pressure and blood glucose back to normal. There have been many other benefits beyond learning the technical aspects of this traditional Korean Martial Art. These include improved physical strength and stamina, balance, flexibility, concentration, self-discipline, spirit, and an overall improved sense of well- being. All of these have been helpful in my daily life outside of the studio. Suncoast has excellent instructors who are very patient and skilled at working with students of all ages and abilities, from young children to seniors, and know how to motivate individuals to do their best. The instructors are dedicated to teaching Tang Soo Do not only as a means of self-defense, but as a way of life to help people reach their full potential and become better individuals. Suncoast Tang Soo Do has changed my life significantly in many ways and I have thoroughly enjoyed every hour of training here. As a member of the World Tang Soo Do Association to which the Studio belongs, I have also enjoyed attending the Regional Tournaments and Clinics, and World Championship events, and have made many new friendships not only at the Studio but throughout the Association. I highly recommend this karate studio to anyone regardless of age or physical condition.
Brian Ormiston

PH.D. , Safety Harbor

My son, Antonio, began karate at Suncoast Tang Soo Do in June 2008. We were invited to the first birthday party/open house of the school by a friend and decided to try it out for the summer. He instantly loved it! There was no stopping now. I am impressed by the highly professional approach and respectful attitude of the training staff, and by the equal emphasis on self-defense skills and strategies, on the one hand, and character-building, on the other hand. Much more then martial arts are taught here; leadership, respect, focus, motivation, discipline, and many other skills that apply to everyday life. Being a part of Suncoast Tang Soo Do and The World Tang Soo Do Assoc/Region 21 has been a blessing. We have an extended family throughout the world! We look forward to many years of practicing karate and growing as a family with Suncoast Tang Soo Do!
Jose and Tashika Ortiz

New Port Richey

My two boys and I joined the Suncoast Tang Soo Do family almost 2 years ago after attending an open house. I have 2 young boys and two young girls and while the girls are heavily occupied with dance, I wanted to find an activity that would not only be good for the boys physically, but one that I could also participate in with them. One of the factors that solidified our decision to stay in the program has been the poise, presence and patience that some of the younger instructors showed with both myself and my boys. Miss Carrie, Mister Ryan and Mister Ricky especially showed a maturity and self confidence far beyond their years and I wanted my boys to learn some of those “personal skills” from them.

The ability to participate directly with my boys in their activity has been wonderful as well. The school is family oriented and there are several other fathers and mothers who get to study right along side their children. The instructors have demonstrated the ability to work with every sort of student, from the middle aged, inflexible father of four all the way down to two boys with very short attention spans! They have the ability to discover our limits and get us to challenge them. We look forward to continuing our journey with Mr Lampasona, Mr Orlando and the rest of the staff and fellow students at Suncoast Tang Soo Do!

Mathew Bydaleck


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